Your trusted Ottawa Valley arborist.


ART-bres is an Ottawa company specializing in tree pruning, cutting, planting, and disease diagnosis and treatment. We are discreet and efficient, displaying respect for trees, and by extension, our quality of life.


Our goal is to minimize our footprint. Tree planting and treatments are conducted according to this philosophy in order to preserve the fragile balance between humans and urban trees. Contributing to the great ecological cycle of the planet, trees are synonymous with our quality of life and should be treated accordingly.


All our work is guaranteed. We upgrade our equipment every year. Employees wear all specialized protective equipment for working at heights with chainsaws. We always take these essential precautions.


An arborist’s profession cannot be improvised. With many years of experience, ISA certification and a diploma from CFHL (Centre de Formation Horticole de Laval), we practice arboriculture with professionalism. We work with trees all year long, so we know and respect them!

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