How to fell a tree

in the Ottawa Valley region and Eastern Ontario municipalities

In Gatineau (all sectors), when a tree is greater than 10 cm diameter, you must call 311 to tell them that there is a tree you want to fell on your property. In Ottawa (all sectors), the approach is basically the same, but only for trees with a larger minimum diameter, that is 30 cm.

In Gatineau, the city services will send an inspector to issue a tree removal permit if the tree is deemed dangerous or harmful. The waiting period can be long, so you need to take this step as soon as possible. Once obtained, the permit is valid for a long period and is easily renewable. In Ottawa, the procedure is similar, but you may be asked to present an arborist’s report to speed up the process. And we are arborists.

Once the permit is obtained, you can contact an arborist to give you a cost estimate on the work.

Several options will then be available. Cut timber can be transformed in stove wood; stumps can be removed, etc. Whatever the option you choose, branches will always be chipped, but they can be left in place as mulch. The cheapest solution is to leave the cut timber on site and cut it later for stove wood; chip the branches into mulch and leave it on the ground; and not remove the stump but cut it flush with the ground.

It is possible that the municipality (only in Gatineau now) will issue a tree removal permit with the condition that you plant another tree. Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to guide you in choosing one or more trees according to your preferences.

For pruning, no permit is required, both in Gatineau than in Ottawa.